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There are a few common instances you can encounter where replays don’t populate as expected for Session Replay (beta). This article reviews what to do when you’re missing expected replays.

Update your filters

Ensure that your filters are set appropriately.

If you’re looking for replays from the current calendar date, ensure your Date Range filter is set to Today or a custom range that includes today’s date. If you have the date range set to a default range, such as Last 7 Days, the current date isn’t included.

If you’re not looking for replays that contain a specific event, account, or Product Area, clear the relevant filters to expand the table results.

Review your segment

Ensure the visitors or accounts you’re looking for are included in the audience capture that’s configured for Replay on the Replay Settings page. We re-evaluate whether a visitor meets the segment criteria on every page load and only captures a replay if they meet the segment criteria.

Update your CSP configuration

If you have a Content Security Policy (CSP) configuration for Pendo, it’s essential that your configuration includes the two directives below to capture all visitor activity and prevent app degradation due to web worker conflicts.

Directive Host Description

If you don't have CNAME configured, use data.pendo.io.

If you do have CNAME configured, use the "data" part of your CNAME, such as data.pendo.example.com.

This entry allows for event communication.
worker-src blob:

This entry allows the Pendo agent to start a worker thread to compress and send replay capturing data, which minimizes performance impact on your application.

Configure CNAME

Ad blockers can cause replays to not capture. If this is a concern, consider setting up CNAME for Pendo Engage. This should alleviate any ad blockers from preventing replay capture.

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