Unexpected replays

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If you find replays for visitors who aren’t currently included in your replay audience, this is typically due to changes in segmentation or visitor eligibility.

Change in segmentation

When an Admin updates the audience for replay capture on the Replay Settings page, it can take up to 10 minutes for the change to take effect. Any replays that were in progress prior to this processing won’t stop until the visitor generates a page reload, which refreshes their segment eligibility.

This also applies to any changes made to the segment from elsewhere in the app. If you use an existing segment for your Session Replay audience, the segment is visible in the general segments list throughout Pendo and can be edited by any Pendo user.

To avoid unintentional changes to your Session Replay audience, we recommend creating a custom segment on the Replay Settings page. For more information, see Segmentation.

Change in visitor eligibility

If your segment includes rules that can change based on metadata or product usage, replay capture eligibility refreshes whenever a visitor’s metadata values or product usage changes and they reload their page.

For example, if you have an in-app guide that asks users to opt out of replay capturing, and your replay audience uses a segment with a rule tied to this guide response, the visitor’s eligibility for replay capture won’t change until they generate a page reload. This page reload can occur from refreshing their current page or navigating to a new page.


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