Activate guide steps on different pages

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This article explains how to activate guide steps on different pages using Pendo, so that you can create a walkthrough experience that starts on one page but displays tooltips on another.

Use case: This method can be leveraged when you need to lead users through a multi-step process that begins with an action on one page but requires detailed guidance to commence on another page.

Configure a walkthrough guide

  1. Create a walkthrough guide in Pendo.
  2. Define your target user segment for the walkthrough to ensure its relevance.
  3. Set the activation method to Element Click and select the specific button or element on the initial page that'll trigger the walkthrough.
  4. Confirm that the activation was set to the correct target element.

Create a hidden starting step

  1. Navigate to the page where the button or element triggering the walkthrough is located.
  2. Generate a new step using the Banner type, and select the Blank theme to keep it hidden from view.
  3. Ensure the backdrop option under styling is disabled.
  4. Add a code block to your step.
    1. In the Javascript tab, add the following rule:
    2. In the CSS tab, add the following rule:

Create a visible guide step

  1. Go to the page where you intend to display the walkthrough guide and add a new step.
  2. Customize this step to match the specific context of the user's journey on this page.

Test the walkthrough

Your walkthrough is now set up to start from a button click on one page and also effectively deliver guidance on another. To ensure a seamless experience, it's highly recommended to test the walkthrough and its transitions between pages.


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