Introduce users to your Resource Center

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If you are implementing a Resource Center for the first time, it's important to make sure your users understand when and how to use it. A good option for this is to publish a Pendo guide to introduce your users to it.

This article details how to create a guide that introduces your users to your Resource Center.

Create a guide

To get started, create a guide that explains the purpose of the Resource Center. If the guide is multi-step, consider providing users with a Snooze button in case they want to explore it on their own first.


In addition to a one-time announcement for your current user base, consider creating a separate guide that is permanently available for new users as part of their onboarding. For example, this information may be one part of a multi-step walkthrough guide when a user first accesses the application.

Position the guide at the Resource Center

If you use a tooltip and want to position the guide so it points to the Resource Center, you’ll need to use custom CSS, since the Resource Center icon doesn’t display when the Visual Design Studio is open.


  1. In the guide you created, open the Edit Container modal.
  2. Target your tooltip to anything on the page, such as a button or link.
  3. Select Custom CSS and paste: _pendo-resource-center-badge-container.


Note: An error message states that the "Target element not found.” This is expected since the Resource Center icon isn’t visible right now.

As a best practice, review your guide in a staging environment to ensure the positioning looks correct before making the guide public. If you don’t have access to a staging environment, test your guide in production with a narrowly defined segment. The preview function doesn't work for this scenario because the Resource Center icon isn't visible.

Next steps

Keep an eye on your guide metrics and Resource Center metrics to monitor adoption.

You can also repeat this process as new modules are introduced or to help drive further adoption of the Resource Center. For example, you can create a segment of users who have never used a Resource Center module and publish a guide to remind them to check it out.


For more information, see Create a segment.

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