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Note: This article is relevant for the Visual Design Studio and Adopt Studio.

The Overview tab lists all guides in your subscription. There are filtering options for seeing guide status, activity, and management. You can add columns to the list to quickly view and sort by guide details. Basic guide actions, like publishing, changing status, or deletion, can be done directly from this list. The list can be downloaded as a CSV to manage the list and the guide data outside of Pendo.You can also search for a guide using the search functionality in the top right of the filters section.

Product managers, content creators, or anyone working with customer engagement can use the tools provided in the Overview tab to visualize guide health and activity. 

Note: The Ordering and Experiments tabs are relevant for the Visual Design Studio only.


Segment and filter your guides

Guide results can be filtered based on segment or time range. The filter options are displayed at the top of the guide list and in an individual guide's Metrics tab when you select a guide to view its details.

When you select a segment, the Guide Views column adjusts to show only the views by members of that particular segment. The same thing happens when you select a time range. The view count only shows the total views for the selected timeframe.

Note: These filters don’t adjust the guides that show in the list. They only impact the total views column. The filters are also applied on the guide details page.

The filters in the Overview tab control the data values shown in the list columns and the guides shown in the list.

Data filters

The filters for Segment, Date, and Accounts segment the data that appears in columns for guide visitors and guide views. These filters are also available in guide metrics when you select a specific guide.


Guides list filters


The filters in the Guides list filter the guides by many different criteria.

Filter Description

Use the search query to filter the Guide List by Guide Name, Created By, or Last Updated By.

Star Individual list of highlighted guides. Select the star next to a guide in the Guide List to add it. Your starred Guide List is only visible to you.
Apps Filter by guides that display in the selected web or mobile apps. You can select multiple apps in the dropdown.
Labels Filter by the labels assigned to your guides.
Product Areas Filter by the Product Areas you have assigned to your guides.
Guide Categories

Filter by the categories you have applied to your guides. See Manage Guides using Categories.

Relevant for Visual Design Studio only

Statuses Filter by the status of the guides; Draft, Pending Review, Staged, Scheduled, Public, or Disabled.
Activations Filter by the activation method of guides; App Launch, Automatically, Badge, Element Click, Guide Center, Page View, Programmatically, or Resource Center.
Expirations Filter by active and expired guides.
Created by Filter by the user who created the guide. The list automatically populates with the user names of Pendo users who have created guides.
Device Types Filter guides by the device they display on. Available options are Desktop, Mobile Web, Desktop and Mobile Web, iOS, or Android devices. Select iOS or Android to view Mobiles Guides.
Managed in Filter guides by Product Areas, such as Outcomes, Core platform
Group by Category

Group the guides in the list into categories. This adds a count to the category to see how many guides are published in each category.

Relevant for Visual Design Studio only.


List columns

Guides list columns let you see the details of each guide, sort by different parameters, and quickly assess the activity and health of your guides.


Guide Name and Status always display but every other column in the list can be added, removed, or reordered to your individual preference.

Tip: Named custom segments in the Target Segment column can be selected and take you directly to the details of that segment on the Segment page in People. Default segments, like Everyone, and custom segments for individual guides aren't on the Segments page and aren't clickable.

Edit columns

  1. Select GuideEditColumns.png Edit Columns to open the Manage Columns window.

  2. Select + Add Column to add a new column.
  3. Select the Column parameter from the list.
  4. Select and drag the ellipse next to the column to reorder columns.

  5. Select Save to update the guide's List.

Change guide status

The Status column is used to quickly change the status of a guide without having to click into a guide's details. Guide status changes immediately when you select an option from the dropdown menu. 

Note: Only Admins and users with Manage Published Guides permissions can change guide status to or out of Public.


  • Draft. The guide doesn't appear in any environment but can still be edited. 
  • Pending Review. Guide creators and contributors can use this status to indicate that their guide is awaiting review. Publishers and reviewers can use this status to filter the guides list to see which guides are awaiting review. Setting the guide status to Pending Review doesn't push the guide to Staging.
  • Staged. The guide is only visible on your designated staging servers ready for testing and validation. Staging servers can be managed by Admins of your subscription here. For more information, see Stage your guide.
  • Public. The guide is public to all visitors targeted in the guide’s segment and appears in the designated location on all environments with Pendo installed. Public guides still appear on your designated staging servers.
  • Disabled. The guide is no longer public. Use it to filter for guides that have been published.
  • Delete. Deletes the guide and all of its data permanently.

Changing a guide to Public requires additional confirmation and displays the segment and eligible visitor count.


Modify a guide

You can modify a guide whilst it's still active. This doesn't affect visitors who've already seen it. The guide won't display again for them after any changes are made. If you want the guide to display again for visitors who've already seen it, you must clear the guide data. This erases historical data for everyone in the guide segment.

It's best practice to set the guide back to Draft or Staged status if you need to make a change or update to the guide. When you move a guide back to Staged, it no longer displays in public and only appears in your staging environment. When it's made public again, the segment of eligible visitors then see the updated guide.

Note: This doesn't restart the guide metrics. If you want to clear the metrics, set your guide to Staged and select Clear guide data. This deletes the previous guide view metrics for all visitors.

For more information about guides and clearing guide data, see the View the Guides list and Stage your guide articles. 

Delete a guide

Only Admins can delete guides. You can delete a single guide, or multiple guides, permanently, if you're sure that you won't need them again.

When you delete a guide, it permanently removes it from your subscription and it can't be undone. If you want to take down a Public guide, change it to any other status. If you want to remove a guide from working queues in Draft or Staged, use the Disabled status.

Note: If you no longer want your guide to be public but don't want to delete it, you can change the status to Disabled and save it for later use.

To delete guides:

  1. In the left-side navigation menu go to Guides > Guides.
  2. In your list of guides, select the checkbox next to the guide you want to delete and select Delete in the Guides list header. Alternatively, for a single guide, hover over the guide and select the Trash icon.

  3. In the Delete Guides window, select Delete Selected Guides. For a single guide, select Delete Guide.

  4. Confirm to permanently remove the guide from the subscription.

Download the guide list


Download CSV downloads the currently displayed guide list and columns as a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file. This file can be used outside of Pendo in other spreadsheet or data visualization tools. It doesn't contain any examples of guide content or identifiable visitor or account information unless it's named in a Guide Name or Segment.

System changes to guide status

Guides with scheduled start and end dates are published and disabled programmatically by the Pendo system. When these actions occur System User appears in the Last Updated field, visible in the list of guides and guide's details pages. System User only appears when a user in your subscription has scheduled guide activation. For more information on how to see which users made changes to a guide, see View guide edit history.


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