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Use the What's Coming report to add transparency to your product development process, and keep both stakeholders and visitors aligned without committing to specific deadlines.

The What's coming report is a pre-populated list of requests with a status of Planned or Building. It's available to both internal users and visitors. 

Internal view

For internal teams, the What's Coming report is accessed from the second tab at the top of the Reports page in Feedback. It offers a hands-free alternative to the graphical roadmap. You can filter these tables by Apps and Product Areas using the global filters at the top of the page.


Visitor view

The visitor view is similar to the internal view, with a list for what's planned and a list for what's being built. For more information, see the Customer view of Pendo Feedback.

The What's Coming report is available to visitors with portal access to Feedback. These users can find it in the What's Coming? page from the left-side menu. 



Change visibility

In the internal view of Feedback, you can change the visibility of the report, allowing or restricting access to the public, by selecting Change in the top right of the internal view of the What's Coming report, underneath the global filters section.


You can choose between Team OnlyVisitors and Team, and Public on the Web.

You can also change the visibility in Settings > Product Settings at the bottom left-side menu. Use the dropdown menu under "What's Coming" visibility in the General settings (default) page to choose who can see the report.


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