Segments Management Page

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Segments are used throughout Pendo to filter users for analytics and target users for guides. If a visitor meets all rules of a segment, they will be included whether that segment is applied over data or used for targeting a guide.

To start, access the Segments management page by clicking on the “People” icon in the left-hand navigation and select the Segments option. 


Segments List

This list consists of segments that were created by you and any Segment created by anyone else with the visibility set to everyone.

In the list of segments, each row will show you:

  • Segment Name
  • When it was last updated
  • Who it was created by
  • Snapshot of Segment rules

If you want to filter the list of segments to ones that were created by yourself, select the dropdown under the "Segments" header and choose "created by me."


Segment Right Panel

To see who is eligible in a particular Segment, click on the Segment name to activate the right panel.


Once the right panel is opened, you will see 3 buttons under the Segment name:

  • Edit - Edit the rules of the Segment you're currently viewing. 
  • Clone - Make a copy of the Segment you're currently viewing
  • Delete - Delete the Segment entirely

Then, you will see 2 tabs in the panel: 

  • Eligible VisitorsYou will see the total number of visitors that are a part of the segment as well their visitor IDs. 

Note: This list displays up to 250 visitors. To see all eligible visitors, export your list. 

  • Details - All the segment rules will be clearly visible in this tab. Details include any additional dependencies on the particular Segment (ie. reports or Guides).


Segment Export

If you scroll to the bottom of "Eligible Visitors" list, you will see an Export button. Click on this option to add any additional metadata as desired before you download it. This download will include visitors that aren’t displayed in your list.


Search Segments

Use the search bar to help you quickly find your desired segment. As you type the name of the segment you will see your list filter to show you matches.


Delete Segments

To delete segments, click on the checkbox next to segment name. Choose as many segments as desired and then click on delete.


Then, you will see a final confirmation question and a list of dependencies (if the segment was used in a report or Guides) if any. Click "delete selected segments" when you're ready.


Create a New Segment

Click on the “+ Create New Segment” located in the top-right. 


Then, you will see the segments builder module so you can start adding your rules: 


Once you’re done with your rules, click on “Create Segment” button on the bottom-right. 


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