Change your Subscription Time Zone


The time zone setting for your subscription will be used for all event data as well as guide scheduling. This time zone applies to all users on your subscription. 

Warning: When you change the time zone, all data will need to be re-processed. This can take a few hours or more depending on the amount of data in your subscription. During this time, usage metrics all will show "0". We recommend making this change outside of business hours when other users will not be affected.


Changing Time Zone

Only admins are able to change a subscription time zone. To change your time zone, navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings. Click the "Time Zone" drop-down and select the one you want to use. You will be prompted to confirm your change. 


Frequently Asked Questions

My time zone isn't available.

Pendo supports all timezones in whole-hour increments. Try to find the closest major city in your timezone on the list. Timezones are sorted by continent and some countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, and US). Any half-hour timezones are not supported. The 45-minute timezones in Eucla, AU; Chatham Islands, NZ; and Nepal are also not supported.