Set up Hubspot Integration


The Hubspot integration pulls Hubspot metadata into your Pendo subscription. This Visitor and Account metadata can be used for segmentation in Guidance and Insights and added to your reports to view your CRM data in Pendo. The integration is entirely self-service and doesn't require any code. It uses your Hubspot login information to authenticate with Pendo. Setup can be completed in minutes and updated as needed to add additional metadata after the initial setup.

By connecting Hubspot and Pendo, you can use CRM data to target in-app Guides based on your customer segments and marketing campaigns. Report on product usage by customer tiers, pricing, or account status. Combine Product Insights in Pendo with trial conversion or upsells in Hubspot and find the features and usage patterns that result in increased revenue. Adding Hubspot metadata to Pendo unlocks a new layer of data discovery and engagement.


The integration pulls in Hubspot data nightly, between 12:00AM and 6:00AM, according to the subscription's timezone. This adds any new metadata fields to Visitor and Account IDs and overwrites any previous metadata in existing fields. Metadata cannot be changed manually or deleted after being pulled into Pendo. Double check the parameters you use for initial Visitor and Account ID mapping and and only select the fields you want available as Pendo metadata when setting up the pull.

The integration is setup and managed in Data Mappings Settings.



Installation Overview - Runtime: 4:17



  • Pendo Admin User

  • Hubspot Admin user or Hubspot Add App Permissions

  • Active Hubspot Integration in Pendo

Tip: Reach out to your Pendo contact if you need to add the Hubspot Integration to your Pendo subscription.


Authenticate with Hubspot

Authentication with Hubspot only needs to be done once and can be done from the Visitor or Account Level Data tab in Data Mappings Settings. The same authentication is used for both pages. The Hubspot Integration widget is at the bottom of either page.



1. Click Authenticate to access Hubspot.



2. The browser automatically redirects to Hubspot. If you are already signed into Hubspot and only have a single Hubspot account you are immediately prompted to Grant Access.


  • If you are not signed into Hubspot, sign in to be taken to the Integration Permissions page.
  • If you have multiple Hubspot accounts, select the account you want to sync with Pendo from the list of accounts.



3. After access is granted, the browser redirects back to Data Mappings Settings. Navigate to the Hubspot Integration widget at the bottom of the page. 

If authentication is successful, a green check appears next to Step 1.



4. Repeat for Visitor or Account Level Data mappings if needed.


The second time you authenticate you only need to click Authenticate and the connection is made automatically without having to go through account selection in Hubspot again.



Map Pendo IDs to Hubspot

The process for mapping Pendo Visitor and Account IDs with Hubspot Contacts and Companies is the same. Mapping must be done separately for Visitor and Account metadata in their respective tabs. The values used for the Pendo IDs must exactly match the values in Hubspot to map successfully. Any prefixes or modification of an ID in either platform resulting in a partial match cannot map successfully. All other metadata is pulled using these values as the only linked parameter.

Visitor Level Data

  • Map Pendo Visitor ID to Hubspot Contact

Account Level Data

  • Map Pendo Account ID to Hubspot Company


Setup Mapping

1. Click Step 2. Setup in the Hubspot Visitor or Account Integration Widget



2. Select the Hubspot field that exactly matches the Pendo Visitor ID or Account ID.

If you're setting up Visitor ID, map to Hubspot Contact.


If you're setting up Account ID, map to Hubspot Company.



3. Click Save to set the ID mapping.



4. If mapping is successful, a green check appears next to Step 2.



5. Repeat for Visitor or Account Level Data mappings if needed.



Select Fields to Pull into Pendo

The process for selecting Fields to pull into Pendo is the same for Visitor and Account metadata. Field selection needs to be repeated for Visitor and Account metadata in the Visitor Level Data and Account Level Data tabs in Data Mapping Settings. Visitor Level Data shows the Fields associated with Hubspot Contacts and Account Level Data shows the Field associated with Hubspot Companies.

Return to this step at any time to change the Fields that are pulled into Pendo. Data that has already been pulled into Pendo isn't effected but you can start pulling in new Fields or stop pulling in selected Fields as needed.


Choose Fields to Add to Pendo

1. Click Step 3. Choose Fields to Add to Pendo in the Hubspot Visitor or Account Integration widget.



2. Click + Add Fields to select the Fields you want to pull into Pendo.



3. Check off the Fields in the multi-select menu. Selected Fields are moved to the widget.



Click the X to remove a selected Field. This removes the Field from future syncs and has no effect on data that has already been pulled into Pendo.



4. Click Save & Sync to save the integration settings and begin the first data sync.



If the sync is successful, a green check appears next to Step 3 and the widget updates with the date and time of the last sync. There is also an option to manually Sync Again. You should begin to see Hubspot metadata in the Pendo UI in the next hour. The sync repeats automatically nightly.



5. Repeat for Visitor or Account Level Data Fields if needed.



Available Metadata Types

Hubspot Contact and Company properties exist in several different types. The property type in Hubspot is mapped to a corresponding metadata type in Pendo. Properties in Hubspot that don't have a translation in Pendo can't be imported. This may result in some Hubspot fields not being available.


Conversion of Hubspot Custom Properties

Text Input

  • Single-line Text <> Pendo String
  • Multi-line Text <> Pendo String

Choosing options

  • Single Checkbox <> Pendo Boolean
  • Multiple Checkboxes <> Pendo String
  • Dropdown Select <> Pendo String
  • Radio Select <> Pendo String
  • Date Picker <> Pendo Time


  • Number Field <> Pendo Float
  • Calculation <> Pendo Float, Boolean, etc. depending on calculation
  • Score <> Pendo Float


  • File <> Not Supported
  • Hubspot User <> Pendo String


Supported Metadata Translations

  • Hubspot String <> Pendo String
  • Hubspot Number <> Pendo Float
  • Hubspot Boolean <> Pendo Boolean
  • Hubspot Date <> Pendo Time
  • Hubspot DateTime <> Pendo Time
  • Hubspot Enumeration (list or selection values) <> Pendo String
  • Hubspot PhoneNumber <> Pendo String

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I push data from Pendo to Hubspot?
Pendo doesn't have a native integration to push data from Pendo directly to Hubspot. However, there are a variety of methods available to export data from Pendo (CSV, API, other third parties) and upload to Hubspot.


What if the Visitor ID and Account ID values in Pendo don't currently exist in Hubspot?

Set up a process to export the Account IDs from Pendo and push those values into a field on the Hubspot company record. You may have to pull additional data from Pendo to help identify the appropriate company record in Hubspot. You will need to set up the same process with Visitor IDs and push those values into a field on the Hubspot contact record. These processes need to run on a regular basis to add Visitor and Account IDs to the appropriate contact and company records in Hubspot as new Visitor and Account IDs are created in Pendo.