Guide Conversions Overview


Conversion tracks the number of users who engaged with the conversion target after seeing the guide. The conversion target is the feature, page, or track event you expect users to use after viewing the guide. This can be considered the success criteria for the guide. An effective guide will result in more users taking the action you're directing them to. Select the conversion target in the Conversion tile on the Guide Details page.


Note: Conversion can be set up independently and is useful for guide analytics without an experiment.


  • Pendo Guide Creator or Content Editor user roles
  • Web Agent 2.87.1 or higher
  • Mobile SDK 2.8.0 or higher
  • Available to all subscription tiers

Add a Conversion Target

1. On the Guide Details page, find the Conversion tile and click Edit.



2. Define Conversion type and select the target. 


Conversion can be a tagged feature, page, or track event.


The target dropdown menu will load a list of all tagged features, pages, or track events for the current app, corresponding with the conversion selection.



3. Click Save to set the conversion target.