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Guide goals track how many visitors performed a specific action after viewing the guide. Set an adoption goal for the feature, page, or track event you want users to use after viewing the guide. The goal is used to measure effectiveness. An effective guide results in more users taking the action you're directing them to.


Note: Guide goals can be set up independently and are useful for guide analytics without an experiment.


  • Pendo Guide Creator or Content Editor user roles
  • Web Agent 2.87.1 or higher
  • Mobile SDK 2.8.0 or higher
  • Available to all subscription tiers

Add a guide goal

1. On the Guide Details page, in the Guide Goal tile, select Edit.

2. Define the goal type and select the target. 

A guide goal can be a tagged Feature, Page, or track event.


The target dropdown menu loads a list of all tagged Features, Pages, or track events for the current app, corresponding with the guide goal selection.


3. Select Save to set the guide goal target.


Frequently asked questions

Is it expected behavior for a guide goal's adoption rate to change after that guide has been disabled?

Yes. A user who saw a guide before the guide was disabled can still click/view the associated feature/page after the guide has been disabled and have that contribute to the disabled/expired guide’s adoption metrics.

When does a visitor count as having adopted the guide goal?

A visitor counts as having adopted the guide goal if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The first guide step was viewed
  • The adoption action occurred after seeing the guide

How is the adoption percentage calculated?

The number of visitors who saw guide step 1 is divided by the number of visitors who took the adoption action.

How is adoption calculated for a multi-step guide?

As long as the visitor saw the first guide step, that counts as viewing the guide. If the visitor then takes the adoption action after viewing the guide, this counts as adoption. Viewing the rest of the guide steps is not required.

To count as having adopted the guide goal, how long does a user have to complete the action after viewing the guide?

There is no time limit for completing the adoption action. As long as the visitor completes the target action after viewing the guide, they count as having adopted the goal.

If a visitor is no longer eligible for the guide, will they still count towards adoption metrics?

Yes, as long as the visitor saw the guide in the past, they will still be included when calculating the adoption percentage.

Can I change the adoption target?

Yes, you can change the adoption target at any time, and Pendo will recalculate the adoption percentage. As with Page or Feature analytics, this metric is also retroactive.

Can I make a segment based on the visitors who adopted the action, or see a list of these visitors?

No, this is not possible at this time. You can submit feedback to our Product Team following the steps here.


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