How to Create Analytics Segments from Visitors Who Voted on Requests in Pendo Feedback


If you use Pendo for product analytics (Insights), you can create segments from all visitors who have voted on a request (or a collection of requests) in Pendo Feedback. 

Why it's great

Using visitors who voted on Feedback requests as a segment lets you:

  • Monitor request voter adoption statistics

  • Monitor request voter engagement statistics

You'll be able to understand which product requests your visitors are interested in combined with how they are actually interacting with your product. 

Can you target a Feedback voter segment with Pendo guides?

No. You can only use this data as explained above. We plan to add the following functionality at a later date:

  • Invite request voters to participate in a beta via an in-app guide

  • Target request voters with post-release communication using in-app guides

How it works


  • “Feedback Requests” is available in the segment builder

  • You can use Feedback requests to define a segment rule

  • The resulting segment can be used in analytics only 

Detailed steps

To create a segment, go to People > Segments > Create Segment


Select ‘Feedback Requests’ as the data source for the rule:



Specifically, the rule allows you to select a specific Feedback requests and create a segment that contains all of the visitors who upvoted that request.

Only visitors that are synced with Pendo's product analytics solution will appear in the segment so team members are not included. For a full list of visitors that are not synced with Pendo's product analytics, see Key Limitations below.

Multiple rules can be added with the Feedback Requests source in order to use AND / OR logic. Other rule types can also be used in combination.

Type in the Feedback request title or ID and select a request from the search suggestions:


Then select ‘Create Segment’.

Key Limitations

  • The segments can only be used in analytics NOT for guide targeting (this will be added in the future)

  • Segments will include only visitors who were created by the Pendo snippet. Visitors who were created by other means, as listed below, will not appear in the segments.
    Not included:

    • Visitors created via the Salesforce integration

    • Visitors created via the UI within Feedback

    • Visitors created through the Pendo Feedback API