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You generate an integration key in Pendo when you want to connect an integration with Pendo or use our public API endpoints. Not all integrations require an integration key. 

This key is different from the application key that appears in your Pendo install script (commonly referred to as the "snippet"). The application key in your install script connects Pendo to your application. For more information, see the Developer's guide to implementing Pendo using the install script.

Pendo Feedback integrations require a different key. For more information and instructions, see Pendo Feedback API Key.


You must have Pendo admin permissions and integration key access to set up integrations. For more information, see the Roles and Permissions Overview.

Subscription admins can enable this feature. If you’re an admin and don’t see this feature, contact your Pendo account representative.

The integration key isn't tied to a specific user and can be used by anyone. It's therefore important to keep this value a secret.

Integration key creation

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Integration Keys.
  2. Select + Add Integration Key.

  3. Enter a meaningful description for your Integration Key.
  4.  Select Create.

  5. Securely capture and store your new key outside of Pendo at the time of creation because we can't retrieve lost or deleted integration keys for you.

Integration key recovery

Integration keys are only displayed at the time of creation and aren't listed in the UI. We can't recover a lost integration key. If you're unable to find the value for an existing key, you must create a new key. Pendo doesn't limit the number of keys generated.

Subscription access with the integration key

The integration key isn't tied to a specific application in your subscription. The integration key provides access to all applications in the Pendo subscription. If you have more than one application in Pendo, review the Multi-App section of the API documentation for information on how to request data from specific applications or all applications.

The integration key also isn't tied to a specific environment. The Pendo subscription contains data from all environments where Pendo is installed. However, the Exclude List offers the ability to exclude events, including the exclusion of events from non-production domains. An optional blacklist parameter can be used in API requests to specify whether events from the Exclude List should be included in the response.

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