Can I copy a guide from one app to another?

I've got a multi-app subscription.  There's a guide created in one app that I'd like to copy for another app.  Is there a way to do this?



  • There is not a way to clone between subscriptions at this time, that I know of. It's likely already a feature request, if it's not you can create it via the Pendo Resource Center in the Pendo app. The best workaround I found was to open Pendo in two different browsers and copy and paste the values back and forth. A good clipboard manager like Pastebot comes in handy here. 

  • Thanks brandon for the workaround, and yes Ashley Renlund this is currently a feature request that our Pendo Product team is looking at here:

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  • That feature request doesn't seem to exists anymore.

  • An easier workaround for this is to open the guide you want to copy in the designer, then Save as...Layout. Then go to create a new Guide (from layout), pick the other application you want to put it in from the dropdown selector (multi-app subscriptions require you assign a guide to an app) then choose the layout. I usually just label the layout with the word 'temporary' in it so I know to delete it after I have made the copy. Layouts are your bridge between apps!

  • This worked, Eric - but only for the first step in the multi-step guide.


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