Trigger guide based on URL parameter, but need it to show every time

We're using a URL variable (e.g. in order to trigger a Pendo guide, however, we're still limited to the repeat rate of showing only once per hour. We need this to show every time that URL is visited and are looking for ways to do so.

Has anyone else run into this before?



  • What you could do is force the user to snooze the guide rather than dismissing it. 

    i.e. remove the "X" and have a button on the guide which has a snooze action.  Snooze can be as little as 1 minute I think.  So anything more frequent than that might not cause the guide to launch, but it would get closer then the "once per hour" dismiss frequency option.  Would that work for you?

  • Thanks for that thought, Alan!

    There is a potential to use snooze in that manner, although it's still not as ideal as setting a 0 minute delay. My concern is that a user could potentially go through part of the tour (or none at all), then just close the tab itself without 

  • I just wanted to update everyone that I found a great solution using permalinks! Essentially, I used the permalink URL parameter for the guide, then set up a page rule with that permalink. Now, any time the link (with permalink parameter on it) is visited, it shows with no delay.

    For more on permalinks:


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