Any GREAT dashboards out there?

I got a new request from Customer Support today to come up with a "Fantastic" customer health dashboard that they can show our clients during their monthly 1-on-1s. I thought I had done a pretty good job with the existing one, but they want "more."

Do you have a customer health dashboard you're particularly proud of? Would you be willing to share it? Sometimes I just get writer's block.



  • I'm interested in Product Leader and Product Manager dashboards that are answering questions for Product.

  • I create many dashboards using customized Data Explorer reports for individual stakeholders revolving around their key objectives. Data Explorer will allow you to focus on utilization of key parts of our applications.

    Then I add additional widgets example

    • Text box to provide context for each section of the dashboard,
    • Visitor and Account Overview widgets to give them an overview of how many visitors/accounts are in the applications today, daily, weekly, monthly,
    • Visitor/Account Frequency 
    • Guide with Poll responses to user satisfaction and feedback from in-product surveys
    • Device usage 
    • Active Per Hour widget 
    • Time to First Use for specific key features 

    I am trying to move away from custom segments assigned to each widget as much as possible and have the stakeholders use the new Dashboard Filters pendo has rolled out instead. This will allow the dashboard to be more widely adopted and configurable by the our associates by Segment, Date, App and Account. 

    Its still a work in progress, my end goal is to create a standardized dashboard that anyone can select as a template vs. having to always create very customized dashboards for different teams. 


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