Get strategic with Pendo dashboards

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A product organization needs to provide simple and action-oriented analytics to improve the product experience. Pendo dashboards present a seamless way to access valuable insights and drive product decisions based on data and user behavior. 

This article reviews how to leverage key dashboard widgets to drive value for your team through a shared dashboard view.

Get the most out of dashboards

Start by understanding what information is important to your audience. For instance, a product leader has different interests compared to a data analyst or product manager.  Create specific dashboards for each persona, and share them with the appropriate teams. 

If you’re unsure where to start, consider these popular dashboard widgets and how they influence decision making.

Widget name Usage Key value drivers
Time to First Use This widget provides a clear picture of how your onboarding experience drives new users toward value. Building good habits for new users is crucial to the product experience, so you want to direct users to the value of your platform early on. If users are slow to navigate to these events, build a guide to lead new users directly there, or consider changing the UI to emphasize these areas.

Measure impact of onboarding

Time to value

Feature Adoption Use this widget to validate that you’re investing development resources in your visitors’ most-used product areas. Take a strategic approach by evaluating where you have invested resources to see if it aligns with the product areas that are capturing user engagement. Product managers often want to meet users where they are, and this widget can help provide direction on where to focus future feature enhancements.

Confidence in ROI of features

Understand the user journey

Stickiness Metric The stickiness metric measures how effective your product experience is in driving users back to the platform. Product teams should leverage this metric to understand how their new users’ onboarding experience builds habits that keep them coming back to the application. Additionally, this metric can help identify fluctuations in account behavior that may indicate a potential for expansion or risk of churn.

Measure the impact of onboarding

Identify at-risk populations

Product Request by Area (Feedback) The voice of the user is crucial for any product organization, and understanding feature requests by product area helps your team digest the needs of your user base. Leveraging product feedback along with underlying analytics can validate where your team should be investing in the future of your product. Having a clear direction provides greater agility in improving the overall product experience.

Innovate faster while elevating the voice of the user


Next steps

Encourage your team to explore the above widgets, as well as the library of dashboard metrics we make readily available. Try building several dashboard templates for your team so they can easily access this information and start embracing the value of Pendo analytics.

For more information about dashboards, see Dashboards and Dashboard widgets.

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