Can I target a tooltip to my Resource Center?

Yes you can, check out this quick video on targeting a tooltip to your resource center!



  • Is there some magic to being able to target a module within the Resource Center?

    I'm trying to make a guide that supports users in discovering Feedback in our RC, so I made Step1 to highlight the RC icon, and Step 2 to highlight the Feedback module.

    Step 2 never shows up, despite using the same selectors I use for tracking this same element as a Feature.

  • Not necessarily an answer, but are you trying this in preview, staging, or a prod segment of only your test instance?

  • Matthew Hillier Pendo only displays one guide at a time, and the Resource Center counts as a guide when it's open, so you won't be able to target a tooltip towards a specific module.

    What you could do is add a gif to Step 1 that shows how to find the Feedback module, so users know what to look for.

  • Thanks Claire Littell - that's a shame, but it makes sense! I'll get creative :)

  • Wanted to share a data story that shows the power of targeting your Resource Center badge with a guide to introduce or draw attention to it. In this Data Explorer graph, the light green columns are views of the simple guide that pointed out our Resource Center (which had been there for a few years prior). The green line is visitors who have only clicked the Resource Center badge once ever (just to see who may have only clicked the badge once because of the guide but never returned). The red line represents users who have clicked the Resource Center badge two or more times. You can see we've had a sustained increase in users who revisit the Resource Center since the time we first published the guide. (right-click the image and open in new tab to see it larger)


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