Can I disable the Resource Center on one page?

You can use segmentation to segment modules to specific pages. If there’s only one page that you don’t want the Resource Center to display on, you can create a page with multiple rules.

This page would need to have rules that include all URLs except the page that you don’t desire the Resource Center to appear on. You can then segment the Resource Center modules/content to that page.



  • I think you can also adjust your page's code to suppress RC display? We've done that in a few spots in one of our products to avoid displaying the RC purposefully.

  • There are customers who adjust their snippet on certain pages of their application to send in a new piece of metadata that controls the Segment for the Module/Resource Center. 

    The Segment would look something like: Page does not contain "Dashboard"

    This segment then uses the visitor level details to determine if the module should show or not. Page metadata is not default to the Pendo snippet and would need to be written/included by a dev team to implement correctly. 

  • Howard Lio I would love to see a screenshot of where to go to set those rules. the page itself or something in the resource center?

  • With the new page rules capabilities you can exclude a single page (or small list of pages) based on URL rules :)


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