How do I measure the health of my users?

We have found the number of days a user accesses the site and the amount of time a user spends on your site to provide the most realistic vision of a user's health. You'll see an average breakdown of this in the Visitor Section of Pendo. Pendo also automatically provides Visitor and Account level metadata fields for “Number of Days Active” and “Time on Site” in minutes.   Additionally, you can segment off of this information to focus on your high use (or low use) user base.

If you'd like to measure by individual sessions, Pendo can help you there as well. The best way to go about this would be to install and tag your login page. From there, you can measure user logins via user activity for your login page. While Pendo does not recognize 'User Sessions', this should give you an honest measure of login sessions by user.

Thoughts? Does anyone have other ways that they measure user health? Comment on the post below!



  • I think "health" can be defined a few different ways, and this is where Core Events also become key. If I'm interested in visitor health, I want them engaged with our help resources and having sessions in a cadence that makes sense for their user persona. For account health, I want those Core Events achieved in the timeframe that's appropriate for each one, in addition to the stickiness for return use and engagement. Beyond that, I want solid feature adoption for some key releases to find any pain points, and I want overall good engagement with my feedback forum or whatever method I'm using to collect feedback. Sentiment/NPS comes last :)

  • Totally agree with you Liz, that customer health can be measured in a variety of ways depending on the company. And great call out about Core Events as one method! I think the new Product Engagement Score in Pendo is a solid metric to quickly gauge customer health. As it ties together 3 major components that are often indicators of user health on their own- how they're interacting with the site, how often they're doing it, and the growth of the user base - it's a comprehensive measurement of engagement/health. To take it a step further, segmenting the PES for your power users aka "healthy users" would give you a baseline of what healthy behavior looks like, and what score you should aim for for all your users. 

  • At a Macro level, Stickiness and Time in App over time are the best indicators of customer health for us.  Usage of Core Events is also quite useful, especially comparing various segments of users.

    Although I love PES as a single metric for tracking customer health, it is one drawback for us, minimizing it's usefulness.  The drawback for us lies with the Growth component.  We are an enterprise B2B product where our new account growth can vary quite a bit month to month, and the number of users for existing accounts does not tend to increase significantly over time.  Because of these factors, I've found that the Growth component varies widely thus causing the PES to vary widely, making PES sometimes look "bad" and sometimes look "great".  This is true whether we use Accounts or Visitors for the Growth component.  



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