Javascript to display a guide only for certain time of day?

I need to display an automatic pop-up for only one hour each day as a product alert message so the user knows the product is doing some system maintenance/processing.

What Javascript can help detect time of day and translate that into displaying or dismissing the guide step?



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  • Although you could schedule a start and expiration date/time for the guide, I could understand not wanting to do this continuously because you would have to set a new start and expiration date every day. 

    If your application can detect the time of day and make the decision on whether or not to display the guide you can programmatically have Pendo display a guide. 

    pendo.showGuideById(id) to display a specific guide. 
    Keep in mind that 'id' would be replaced with the specific guide ID
    (Agent API > Functions> Guides & Guide Center)

    If the user doesn't dismiss the guide on their own, you can use pendo.onGuideDismissed() to dismiss the currently displayed guide (Agent API > Guide Events > OnGuideDismissed)


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