What’s your recommended workflow for triaging requests?



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  • Keep it quick & simple. Most requests should take no time at all, at least until they have a proven value. At a minimum, triage should consist of moving everything to "Awaiting Feedback", which you could even do in bulk if you have a backlog to clear out. Depending on your PMs' workflow, it can make sense to assign the correct Product Area while doing triage but this isn't critical, since PMs can assign requests as they go in to Feedback to carry out research or analysis.

    Once a request has proven its value, some additional triage and categorization can be helpful. "Value" means different things to different people, some of our users like to set a benchmark. E.g. PMs will consider a request when it reaches 10 votes.

    Tags can be helpful during deeper triage as well, but don't be tempted to add tags to every request. Ask your PMs which requests or themes are really important to them. E.g. does this relate to a competitor's offering? Does this put a customer's account at risk? In this case add a tag, so that these requests can quickly & easily be viewed on the Browse page and reports.


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