Best practices for increasing engagement on guides?

We have noticed that we are not seeing great engagement rates on our guides. Most folks immediately dismiss them. I am interested in any best practices others have used to improve their engagement rates.  

A few things we are discussing:

• Delaying guide (pro - do not immediately interrupt people from completing their desired task, potential con - interrupt them while completing a task)
• Target guide after a task is complete (pro - remove interrupt, potential con - it appears only one target element can be used, so we may miss people)
• Adding 'Snooze' / 'Remind me later'
• Adding visuals
• Using less text with a clear benefit/CTA

I would love to hear from others if you have found ways to increase engagement on your guides - thank you!



    • Highly recommend the addition of visuals (had a customer A/B test visuals in a guide and saw some ridiculous uptick in engagement).
    • Highly recommend the Remind Me Later button - gives people a way to opt in to something and know that it’s coming than being blind-sided.
    • Definitely recommend tying messaging to an action (like element click) if you can (though, as you suggested, can be slightly limiting).


    • From gregg: an additional thing that i did not see on your list: segment more tightly to increase the likelihood that a customer is interested in the content.
    • From Liz Feller: Also it's never a bad idea to meet with Operations to get their feedback and also let them know about what's coming out in terms of Pendo content. In our organization, our support staff are usually the biggest advocates to Pendo content to our external users, and that can definitely help.The clearer the CTA or the benefit to the user, the better 😀
  • +1 for trying to display the guide when it feels relevant to the customer. We often show guides on the home page, with varying response rates depending on the content. But for one guide, we knew it was for a great feature that would mean our customers would have to spend less time updating data on certain pages, and that they'd have more accurate results on other pages. We started displaying it on those pages (instead of the home page) and have had higher engagement rates and better activation rates for that feature.

  • Another idea is embedding a short video (30 seconds or less). I've seen great engagement on interactive media that is short, sweet and to the point! Hope this helps. 

  • Some additional best practices I found.

    • Keep your guide to 3-5 steps
    • Keep guide text very brief
    • Instead of auto displaying a guide, have a clear CTA help button that lets the user launch a guide when they are ready

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