Guide variables - insert user's name

I am looking for an example of how to insert the user's first name (from metadata) into a guide's text. It is mentioned in this article but I don't see an example.



  • Hey Eric,

    Have you checked out this article as well? If anyone else has any examples they'd like to share, please comment in the thread!

  • I believe the only variable that is supported for the users name is:

    <%= root.metadata.visitor.fullName %>

    Which is full name, pretty sure there was a feature request to have only the first name variable but I can't find it.

  • This works for first name:


  • Hmm, Chris Crompton that didn't work for me, would this have something to do with our installation? When I go into a Visitors page, under the Agent section we only have ID, Account, email, FullName, language, and role.


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