Resource Center: How to disable notifications for new users

Hi, when a new user enters our trial or becomes a customer, one of the first things they see is the notifications in our Resource Center (49) and it draws the eye. Ideally we don't want any notifications to show when they login for the first time, but I want the guides for new features to still be there. How do we disable notifications for new users?



  • Hi Qlik Migration Admin,

    Thanks for sharing your question in the Community. Unfortunately disabling notifications is not possible at the moment, and targeting different segments to no see announcement notifications is not either. 

    I found this as the closest feature request that's currently in the system but if you want to upvote or add a different request, please do so in our Feedback system:

    I've gone ahead and added you to the request but if others have any suggestions or comments, please add to this thread!

  • Qlik Migration Admin you can add a segment to the announcement module. This would hide all the announcements from this group of users but one example segment could be, "First Visit not within 30 days" or if you have a metadata field called "trial" then you can prevent the announcements module from showing for trial users.

  • Hi, thank you for the information, we did see that solution. We do not love the idea of segmenting out all trial users because we want the information to be available to them.. Customers as well, we want them to see it in their first few days but not be notified of 40 new guides.

    Even if we did use the segmentation for our announcements, they would still see 6+ notifications when they first login for the events, learning & help, and all other modules in the resource center which we obviously would not segment out. And, even if we segmented out for first visit not within 30 days for customers, upon being logged in for 30 days they would see 40 new notifications all at once. 

    I have added my notes to the feature request tagged above as this is definitely something missing in the Pendo Resource Center that I expect many customers would want.  

  • what if you segmented the announcements as more of a drip campaign? So a set of them would be based on when they see the first set

  • Hi Liz, I think that would work to improve the issue. But would each weekly "what's new" announcement have to have a different segment...? So this week I would post one that is available to everyone period (so its shown to everyone even if they login today), next week I would post one that is availble to everyone that has been logged in for a week at least, and the week after for 2 weeks. Then the user would presumably see 1 extra per week. Except that, we post each week and sunset past ones (using the expiration date feature) so we only have 6-8 live at a time, so I would have to change the segment of every guide every week when we post a new one. That may be possible for less frequent announcements but not for these weekly ones I think. 

  • Hi all, wanted to circle back on this. Is there a way to "read all" as in mark the users as having viewed all announncement guides? Javascript I'd guess


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