How to Capture Event Properties from a Specific Table Row

I am trying to capture an event property when a user clicks on a table row. The property is the contents of a specific cell in that row called "Status", so I am trying to capture the status that row is in when it is clicked.

I can see "RowID" in my css, but I don't know how to pass that row ID so that I capture the status only from the row being clicked

Is there a way to capture the RowID on click and then use that row ID in the event property?

To use a Pendo example, I would want to capture what is in the Page column for the row being clicked (so capture "Procedure Note" in this example). 



  • Hi Erin W,

    Thanks for sharing your thought in the Discussion Community!
    This will depend how many table rows you want to capture. Pendo can only capture 5 Event properties per Feature. If your use cases exceeds this, I would suggest using Track Events.
    Hope this helps!
  • If you have a consistent or document.activeElement returned when a row is clicked you can use event properties feature with advanced js to navigate the dom hierarchy to that cell and grab the innerText or textNode read only property


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