What happens to the NPS survey if a user closes the browser? Can you prompt the survey to be seen again if dismissed?

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  1. If a user is prompted with the NPS Survey, but closes the browser what happens? Does it come back up again the next time they log in? Or will it be reported that they dismissed the guide?
  2. Is there reporting where we can see what actions the user took if they made a selection, but didn’t press submit?
  3. Will the NPS survey only be prompted once and not come back up again if users dismiss it, right? Is there a way to have it prompt more than once within a cycle if we wanted it too?


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  • Big props to Angela Holly for these answers:

    1. Just like a normal guide, it will pop back up again the next time they come back into the application. It won't be counted as 'dismissed' until users actually click on the X to dismiss the guide.
    2. There is not a default report. Technically you could tag the individual 0 - 10 buttons as "features" in Pendo and Pendo will show the clicks on each button. However, it's not super intuitive and admins will have to use Inspect Element to get the appropriate CSS selector for each one. Also if a user clicked on 1 and then clicked on 5 , Pendo would register clicks on both 1 and 5.
    3. Correct. Once dismissed, the NPS won't appear for the user again until the next recurrence cycle (assuming one is set). Here's a relevant feature request to vote for/review: https://pendo-feedback.pendo.io/app/#/case/85097

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