Report on total time taken to complete a Funnel


I have a funnel set up to track users through a journey and what I'd love to be able to see/report on is the length of time taken to complete the entire journey.

I can see what the average time is to move from one step to the next (though not sure whether it is possible to report on this either?) but not from end to end.

Have I missed something?



  • Hi Simon Emery,

    Thanks for your post and sharing in the Discussion Community. 

    Unfortunately there is nothing OOTB in Pendo that will show you the length of time or average of time it takes to complete a funnel. You could export funnel data via CSV and calculate the total time in a spreadsheet.
    Hope this helps to clarify but this could be great feedback for our product team! (
  • Hey Howard - thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

    I'll see if I can find someone internally is better than me at Excel as when I export the data it puts everything in with minutes and seconds so can't be averaged. Probably needs to manipulation first so all cells are in the same format.


  • Echoing what Simon said. If Funnels could export the data in duration format that is more easily utilized in spreadsheets that would make getting an average from the data very easy. 

  • +1


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