I see "Raw events" but no aggregation occurs


I see raw events but my dashboard is not aggregating the data except for the first day the app was integrated, all events are anonymous at the moment.  

What am I missing?

ps: Integration is OK



  • Hi Alex Nolasco,

    Thanks for your question and sharing with the Discussion Community. 

    Here's a related article for you to check out regarding extracting raw events data and aggregating it:

    Is this helpful for your use case?

  • Howard Lio

    Thanks for the reply, but I am expecting some aggregation done by Pendo's dashboard at least on a daily basis since the raw data is available.  


  • Hey Alex Nolasco,

    Thanks for the clarification. So nothing is appearing on the dashboard or hasn't been updated since a specific date? Do you mention your events are for anonymous visitors?

    If you are willing, do you have a screenshot of your raw events tab underneath the subscription? This might be helpful for others to see in the Community.

  • Correct, Pendo's dashboard shows activity for a few hits during the past week


    But no updates despite having recent raw data entry points


    I have tried setting the Visitor and Account as shown above but no aggregation occurs.  I am pretty sure we are missing something trivial.


  • FYI,

    We had to set initParams.visitorId with "anonymous" instead of "not setting" as indicated by the instructions for anonymous visitors to be on the dashboard.


    • Passing null or "" to the visitorId or not setting the initParams.visitorId will generate an anonymous visitor id.

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