Track Event API Limits



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    Howard Lio

    Hi Doug McDaniel,

    Thanks for sharing this customer's question about API limits; if anyone else has any comments, please share on the thread.

    For reference, I think the customer is referring to this documentation, and I think the key point is more about the properties of the track events. I think 80k events per day would not be recommended based on the paragraph below. 


    Pendo can handle a high volume of inbound Track Events. The only limit is one Track Event per Visitor per second.

    There is no hard limit for the number of properties that can be passed with a single Track Event type but, depending on the size of the data in the properties, a large number can cause degradation in performance. As a general guideline, 20 properties may cause performance issues if the strings are large and 50 properties will likely have performance issues. Strings should be less than 500 bytes."

    Does anyone have any other insight into this?

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    Charlie Krivda

    Howard Lio-  I have a similar scenario.

    Our scenario is that we are doing track events for when a shipment is made.  On screen, users can bulk/batch shipments and ship 20+ shipments in 1 click.

    Any ideas how to best pass all the info to Pendo?

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