Definition of Time on Page

When creating a segment there is a data point under Pages called "Time on Page." What is this measuring and what is the unit being set in the parameter?



  • I am almost positive this is in minutes as that's how I usually see time on page/site displayed in other areas. But I think it would be a good enhancement to suggest to Pendo as it isn't very clear (at least to me).

    As to what it's measuring, this article has a good explainer on visitor time metrics. For this it would just be activities on a specific page instead of sitewide.

  • The plot thickens...if you look at the segment details in the sidebar summary, Pendo actually fills in the blanks with "days" if Time on Page is greater than or equal to 5 days, what does that mean? 5 days where I accessed the page at least once? Or 5 days worth of minutes spent cumulatively on that page??

  • I think you should report to Pendo Eric Miller. Time on page (if using days) seems to be the same as days active. To test my theory, I did greater than or equal to 30 in the last 30 days. If it was truly time (ie 1 day meant 24 hours or 1,440 minutes of site time), I would expect that the number of visitors would be 0 as that would mean that someone was on my site every single minute of the last 30 days. But instead I got this: 51 visitors. As flattering as that is, I don't think that's reality.

  • I submitted this to Support and got the following reply:

    Time on page is the times unit in minutes. This is a known issue flagged in engineering ticket: APP-53926. The code fix has been developed and currently awaiting release to production. No ETA on the release yet but likely some time next week after the holiday.


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