Visitor Detail Metrics


Digging deep into your data allows you to see specific user’s interactions with the site. Through their timeline, you can see features they clicked and pages they accessed. Additionally, you can see their usage data. Below expands on several of the key visitor data points you will see for a specific visitor.




Number of Days Active

The sum of every day of the Date Range which contains at least one event for the Visitor.

Average Time per Day

A per user (or account) per day number for the time range specified.

Total Time

Counts each visitor’s time in your application as the active time a user spends in the app. We add one minute to the counter for each minute we register any activity (page load, focus, clicks, etc.). If a user is not interacting with the site (i.e. background tab) we will not count that time. Our goal is to give you accurate sense of time user is interacting with your application. Minutes that go by without active interactions are not included in that time. It is possible users are logged in, reading pages, and scrolling around without recording any time in Pendo. The sum of every minute of the Date Range which contains at least one event for the Visitor.

Example: Event at time 00:00:50, event at time 00:01:30, event at time 00:02:01: Total Time = 3 minutes

Take a look at our "Site and Page Interaction Calculation" FAQ for more information.

Usage Trending

A comparison of Total Time of the selected Date Range (period n), to the previous period of equal length (period n-1). This is a simple metric which can gauge the health of a visitor at a glance.

Visitor Timeline

Interacting with the Timeline

You can drill down into each individual action that a user took by simply clicking and dragging your mouse over the desired section of the timeline. If you hover over a specific page, feature, or guide interaction, you’ll be presented additional information such as the page, guide, or feature name, time of interaction, and browser version the visitor was using.


Did you find a visitor timeline that never populates any data? Two reasons why this could happen:

  • Exclude List: the Visitor/Account you’re looking at may be excluded.
  • Ad-blocking: the Visitor is using an ad-blocking plugin/application