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I'm trying to determine what is the best approach to report on page views on a content publishing platform. I have in the region of 250k article pages already on the site, with a further 6-12 articles published each day. 

I am struggling to determine the most affective way of reporting on page level data within Pendo. I think I have two options:

  1. Tag each page in 'Pages'. 
  2. Use a parameter within a tagged route page. 

The benefit for option 1 is that I can view more granular data and build reports which can be included in dashboards. However, tagging 250k+ pages is going to be very time consuming. 

Option 2 allows me to view individual page views within a single page tag under the Parameter section. However, it's not possible to include this data in reports and dashboards. 

I'm interested to know if anyone else has encountered a similar problem or whether anyone is aware of any best practice in this scenario. 



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  • Hey Peter,

    If you were to go with option 2, you would not have the ability to report on these in the UI or include the data in dashboards, but you could export all of the parameters through the API.

    We currently only show the top parameters in the Pendo UI, so in order to get the full list of parameters for a specific page tag, you'll need to leverage the API. You can pull the page tag specifically and see all of the parameters under the section in our developer docs “Return list of specific pages.”

    This option would require you to work with the data outside of Pendo, but it is likely more manageable than tagging a high volume of pages each time new ones come up. 


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