Identifying the aha-moment(s) to reduce time to value


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    Jonathan Ortiz

    Hey Jan,

    A way to get to the "aha" moments for your new users is to think about what parts of your product provide the most value to your new users ("aha"). Then get them to those locations as fast as possible, while maintaining full visibility of adoption. 

    We have the Core Events and Product Engagement Score (PES) concept which helps you name your product most important areas, and track how they impact user growth, stickiness and retentions.

    If you need help arriving at the "aha" moments, our Professional Services team can help (if interested reach out to your AE or CSM). We offer a workshop to help you identify "aha" moments, then set up core events, identify a PES baseline and goal setting for continues improvement.

    I hope this helps!


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