Multiple Products on a Single App Key

We are a B2B company currently evaluating whether to use our existing single app key or use multiple subscriptions for our Products. We have a few main products that can (but don't have to) share the same visitors across each application (centralized user management). We are also developing several new micro-apps that will be generally targeting a similar user-base.

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on things to consider? I've read the existing documentation and am getting conflicting messaging on if multi-app is the right fit for our needs.



  • Hi Bryan Stinehour! Great question - the best choice for multi-app vs. single-app definitely depends per customer and their organizational structure. Based on the context you provided I would strongly consider a multi-application subscription as it sounds like you'll have some similar visitors across applications as well as a central internal team managing across the applications that Pendo would be installed on. Using a multi-app subscription will streamline all of your data and allow your teams to have rollup reporting as well as cross-app analytics. 

    The major consideration when using a multi-app subscription is to think about how your internal governance process would be set up to ensure that the right users have the correct roles and permissions assigned within Pendo. Additionally, any subscription level security/configuration settings would trickle down to all of the applications. 

    Please note that whatever type of subscription you determine is best for your organization, Pendo cannot migrate historic data between applications, subscriptions or regions. In the case that a migration is needed, the historic data would remain available and tied to the original application or subscription key that was used when the data was initially collected. New data would begin flowing into the new sub or app when the snippet with the new app key is installed. 

  • I'm also curious about this. We have Pendo on several platforms and are now developing services that will "plug in" to all of these platforms eventually. Should each service have its own key, or can we use a single key for all services and use amazing metadata to sort it all out? All visitors and accounts would have matching/appropriately unique IDs.

  • Thanks Sarah Davidson the documentation seems to suggest that using multi-app would make sense "in cases where different products may be managed separately or have separate user bases, you may opt to keep the data separate by having multiple subscriptions."

    This seems to contradict what you are mentioning. In our case we have the same general user base between the applications. With the filtering and segmentation it seems like using a single app key would fit our needs in this scenario, but it's not clear on if the documentation is steering us away from a best practice, or if it's letting us know we don't actually need multi-app in our scenario.

  • Bryan Stinehour, to clarify, when we say 'Multi-App Subscription,' this means that there is one overall subscription for your company, but there are multiple applications housed within it. Each application using Pendo should always have a separate application key. For example, you can see below the three applications that are housed under one 'umbrella' subscription, but are all separate app keys. If you have multi-app, your feature/pages/guides/analytics will all still be app specific, they will just have the ability to roll up together. 

    If you have multiple 'single app subscriptions,' this means that each application would have a completely separate log into the Pendo UI and none of the data would be able to roll up together. Your Pendo users would have to be granted access to each different instance. 

    Based on what you've shared, I think the multi-app sub would be the best option for your team! If you need more clarity on this or have additional questions please let me know and we can connect. 

  • Hello!  Great topic.  Our company stared as a multi-app under one API key and we started using it on all the apps.  The thing I'm trying to work through now is, we have one product that should have been on its own and not with the group.  We now have a new API key but I'm wondering if Pendo will automatically assign the same VISITOR ID to the same users so we can reference old data vs new or will it create all new ID's for Visitors and Accounts?  Is there a way to make sure the current users come into the "new" app under the same ID?


    Thanks for any insights in advance.


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