Best practices when changing application domains

If you're planning a domain change, here are some things you should keep in mind prior to making the switch:

  1.  Make sure the Pendo snippet gets added to the new domain
    a) If you intend to keep tracking your product on the old domain, make sure the Pendo snippet remains installed there
    b) If you intend to stop tracking your product on the old domain, remove the Pendo snippet

  2. Re-tag pages (or just update rules) - wildcards should take care of most pages, but if you explicitly called out a domain in tagging, you will have to adjust those
    Tip: Looking to understand which pages explicitly state your domain? Download all your pages and search for the domain

  3. Guides should not be impacted as long as your old page/URL hierarchy is unchanged

  4. Verify that none of the features changed classes or IDs in the new domain

  5. Adjust staging server host/domain

  6. Review Exclude & Include lists

  7. Review any data out pipelines / API utilization

  8. CNAME considerations



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