October product updates: Data Explorer, Integrations catalog and more!

Welcome to this month's edition of Pendo product updates! Here you’ll find our latest product updates, and details on how to get started with them.

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Data Explorer: Build reports with fewer required steps like app and event type selection in a beautiful new interface. Build your query to see it live.


Out of the box guide components: You can now build more beautiful guides for web and mobile users with an out-of-the-box line break component. Edit or create a new guide to see it live.


Refreshed integrations catalog: Explore integration possibilities with the refreshed in-app catalog, now available to all Pendo users. See it live in-app.

Pendo for Mobile

  • Tag below the fold: Capture your entire screen and tag features below the fold to manage everything in one place. Learn more.
  • Codeless support for Swift UI: Swift UI is the new, Apple-recommended way to build iOS apps. If you use this framework, you can get page and feature click analytics, create tooltip guides, and activate guides without any engineering effort. Learn more.

Pendo Feedback

We’ve introduced a keyword search to the Browse page so you can quickly find and act on related feedback requests. Simply run a search and take action on the results (like tagging or reassigning the requests). You can share and save the results too! Learn more.

Pendo Adopt

  • You can now use Workflows (the way organizations measure process adoption and average time to complete) to visualize and track the impact that a guide has on improving process adoption. Check it out!
  • ‘Element Contains’ logic: Combine segments and element contains for laser precise guide targeting. For example, you can target a guide when a Salesforce Opportunity moves to a new sales stage to improve forecasting accuracy. Or, you can serve a guide based on a new expense policy when an amount above a certain threshold is entered on an expense report in Concur. Operations teams can now target and improve data integrity with this important functionality. Check it out!





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