Tagging Mobile Pages Below The Fold (Open Beta)


You can capture your entire screen and tag the features below the fold to manage all the features on the same page. This is done by using multiple screenshots and tagging the elements in each one.

See Tagging Mobile Pages for more information about tagging pages.

To tag pages below the fold:

  1. Go to Pages and click Manage Pages In-App to tag pages through our In-App Designer.
  2. Select your mobile application from the list and Launch Designer.
  3. Click Connect a new device and follow the instructions to Connect Your Device, or relaunch the App for an already connected device. Once your device is connected, a camera icon appears on your device.
  4. Navigate in your app to the page you’d like to tag and click on the camera icon on your device.
    When the page’s screenshot shows in the Pendo UI, name the page, and if required, assign it to a group.
  5. Then, click the camera icon for each section of the page below the fold and tag the page elements for each capture.
  6. Select Save and Exit to save the newly tagged page.
  7. Alternatively, you can select to Tag Features or continue tagging more pages. Don’t worry, you can always go back and tag more pages and features; analytics are collected continuously.


Limitations for tagging below the fold

  • You cannot delete individual captured pages.

Note: Existing pages with below the fold content are not automatically converted to the new structure. If you have any pages like this, you can either leave them as they are or add new captures to one of the pages and delete the rest.


Frequently asked questions

What happens to existing pages that have already been captured multiple times, and I now want to merge them into one page?

By default, all pages will remain as you initially captured and tagged them. If you want to combine your pages to a single below the fold page, you can add additional captures to one of the pages or a new one and delete the rest.

Note: If there are any guides that are associated with a captured page, the guide will not carry the new page. Analytics for features is retroactive, which means that when capturing a new page or tagging features, they will remain unaffected.