Pendo log error: [Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'menu')]


Pendo tracker log error: 

[Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'menu')]

Error originates from

The logged error seems not to have an impact on Pendo guides, but pollute our logs and trigger alerts in our client error trackers.

Pendo version: 2.196.1_prod



  • Hello! Do you have more than one KB within your resource center? 

  • Jocelyn-Casanova Excuse my n00b question but what do you mean by "KB within your resource center"? 

  • Hey! Sorry for the abbreviation; I was asking if you currently have a Knowledge Base integration Module within your resource center. If you do, do you have more than one within the resource center? 

    Also, if you haven't already, please contact our support team, and we can help you take a closer look. Thanks again for your question.

  • Jocelyn-Casanova Thank you for the explanation. From what I checked we have none enabled.

    I will contact support. 

  • Jocelyn-Casanova excuse yet another n00b question, but how can I contact Pendo support? Should I tag anyone here?

  • w.jamro  Apologies for not seeing this sooner. The step by step directions can be found - here :


    Additonal resources:

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    • Glossary - all Pendo-specific verbiage defined in one place.



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    • Pendo Aid tagging tooltip extension- struggle to create your own custom selectors? Unsure how to read the dom? Let this extension that only works in Chrome right now help you. (Demo how to use it here)