How are you tracking the success of your Quick Start (onboarding) guides?

We have a quick start checklist in the resource center, and it has about 8-10 walkthrough guides depending on your role. I am trying to get a good picture of how many of the new users are going through all of the guides as a whole. I would also like to see how each guide is performing as well. 



  • Hey Jeremy! I’d start by checking the guide metrics for each of your walkthroughs— there’s a “Visitors Per Guide Step” section that shows you how many users are making it all the way to the end, like a funnel. And if you’re losing folks somewhere along the way, you’ll see exactly where that’s happening.

    To see how many users have completed each onboarding guide, you can build segments based on interactions with specific guide elements. In this example, my walkthrough has 4 steps, so I want to only see users who have interacted with either of the two guide elements on the fourth step so I know they made it all the way through:

    So let's say your admin users have access to 10 guides, and staff users have access to 8. You'd want to create two segments: one where their role equals admin and they've interacted with the final step for all 10 guides, and one where their role equals staff users and they've interacted with the final step for those 8 guides. You can then compare those segments against broader segments where role = admin or role = staff user, respectively, to see what % of each role has seen the corresponding onboarding series. 

    We've got some more ideas about measuring onboarding effectiveness here. I'd love to hear how other folks are measuring their onboarding guides! 

  • I would also add that your onboarding might (should?) included at least one Core Event, so positive changes in your PES or a reduction in the time it takes for new users to start using your Core Events would be a great indicator of success. I would also compare call volumes or support tickets, as well as PES for just new users or new accounts before onboarding compared to after implementing an onboarding guide or tour.

  • There are new Resource Center Metrics, linked here. This will show you at a broad level the Module stats and you can easily view what the Segment is per Module or Guide. Hope this helps. Please continue to share your feedback on how we can improve these metrics moving forward.