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The Guide List module is a list of guides in a module in the Resource Center and enables users to manually activate guides at any time.

The module allows the following:

  • A search bar allows users to filter the Guide List.
  • Guides added to the module can be renamed in the context of the module, and the list can be ordered.
  • Individual guides still respect segment and activation settings set up in guide details. Adding it to the Guide List module only adds a new activation method.
  • If a guide is not available to a user, either because they aren't in the segment, the target element isn’t visible, or the user is not on the target page, the guide doesn't appear in the Guide List.
  • If no guides are currently available, the Guide List doesn't appear.

Add a Guide List module

  1. Hover over the Resource Center list and select Add Module.

  2. Hover over Guide List and select Module.
  3. Select Add Modules in the bottom-right corner.

Add guides to the Guide List

  1. Hover over the Guide List module and select View Module Details.
  2. Select Edit, and from the Select Existing Guide dropdown list, select the guides you want to add to the Guide List. You can select multiple guides.


    Note: You can also select guides that were created in the Classic Designer. You can edit the display names if you want to use a more user-friendly title. This doesn't disrupt your internal naming convention.

  3. Select Save and then select Save Module to confirm.
  4. To reorder your guides, select and drag them into the required position.
  5. If required, select the display name to rename your Guide to a more user-friendly title without disrupting your internal naming convention.

Style your guide list

  1. Select a guide and select Manage In App to launch the designer.
  2. Use the Guide List container to design the module as follows:
    • Text Style - set text style for the module
    • Search - enable or disable the Search function
    • Border - set border style

Enable Search

When you first create a guide list, the search function isn't enabled. You can enable it in-app using the Visual Design Studio. 

  1. Select Manage In App in the top-right corner.


  2. Launch the designer, and in the Guide List Module container, turn on the Search and Keywords button.


  3. Enter the text you want to display in the Search field of the Guides List.


  4. Select Save and Exit.

Add keywords

  1. In the Guide List, select Edit.
  2. Select the ellipses button for the guide you want to add keywords to and select Edit Keywords.


  3. Add as many keywords as you want and select Save Changes. You can use these keywords to search for the specific guide they are assigned to.

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