Onboarding module

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The Onboarding module is a checklist module that functions like a guide list, but guide completion is tracked in a checklist element that shows guide progress by step and completion.

Add an Onboarding module

  1. Hover over the Resource Center list and select Add Module.
  2. Hover over Onboarding and select Module.
  3. Select Add Modules in the bottom-right corner.

Style your Onboarding module

  1. Add guides to your guide list. See the Guide List module for details on how to do this.
  2. Select a guide and select Manage In App to launch the designer.
  3. Use the Edit Onboarding Module container to design the module as follows:
    • Progress Icon - choose the icon for showing progress made through the module
    • Progress Bar - choose the progress bar style
    • Text Style - set text style for the module
    • Subtitles - add subtitles to be shown in the module



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