Integrate Zendesk messaging with Pendo

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Pendo integrates with Zendesk messaging to deliver chat functionality to your customers as a module in your application's Resource Center.

Zendesk messaging supersedes Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Help Center. You can't use the Zendesk messaging integration in parallel with other Resource Center integrations for Zendesk Chat or Zendesk Help Center.


  • A published Pendo Resource Center.
  • Admin permission to your Pendo account. 
  • Admin permission to your Zendesk account.

Setup process

Setting up the Zendesk messaging integration with you Pendo Resource Center involves the following broad steps:

  1. Copy the Zendesk web widget snippet into your app code.
  2. Add Zendesk messaging to your Resource Center.
  3. Configure your Resource Center.
  4. Publish your Resource Center.

Once you've installed the Zendesk web widget in your web application source code (Step 1) and enabled Zendesk messaging for your Pendo Resource Center from the Pendo integration catalog (Step 2), you can add Zendesk messaging as a module in your Resource Center (Step 3) and publish it (Step 4).

Step 1. Copy the Zendesk web widget snippet into your app code

Copy the Zendesk web widget snippet to your web application source code:

  1. In Zendesk, navigate to Installation > Channels > Messaging and social > Messaging.
  2. If you have an existing Zendesk web widget installation, select Turn on messaging.
  3. Customize the Zendesk widget.
    • Configure the position of the widget in Style > Frame > Position.
    • Set the launcher type to Custom Launcher. This is recommended to prevent the default Zendesk launcher from displaying.
  4. Copy and add the Zendesk snippet to the common HTML template you have for your application. For more information on the HTML template, see Planning your Pendo installation

Step 2. Add Zendesk messaging to your Resource Center

Enable the Zendesk messaging integration for your Pendo subscription so that it appears as a module option in your Resource Center.

  1. In Pendo, navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Find and open the Zendesk tile. This opens a panel on the right side of the screen.
  3. Open the Staging Setup tab and toggle the Status on.
  4. Provide a name and a description for the Zendesk messaging module.
  5. Select Save to continue. This opens a window that asks whether you want to publish the module to the Resource Center.
  6. Select Publish and then Click to Finish.

Step 3. Configure your Resource Center

Add Zendesk messaging as a module in your Resource Center and test it. You can also change the segment from Everyone (default) to specific users.

In Guides > Resource Center, hover over the draft of your Resource Center. Zendesk Messaging should be a module in this draft. If it's not, select Add Module and choose the Zendesk Messaging option. If you haven't installed the Zendesk integration before, select Add Integrations and follow the instructions in Step 2 of this article.

Optionally, you can also reorder the modules in your Resource Center by selecting Manage in my app next to Push to Staging.

When you're done editing the modules in your Resource Center, select Push to Staging. This allows you to review the new Resource Center and test the integration in your staging environment before pushing to production.

Step 4. Publish your Resource Center

Promote your newly configured Resource Center to your production environment.

  1. Once you've tested the new Resource Center, select Push to Production.
  2. Verify that the Zendesk Messaging module is now available in your public Resource Center by going to your application and opening the Resource Center.



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