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Note: Feedback in Discover is different from the classic Pendo Feedback product and is currently in closed beta, available to select Pendo customers for testing. The information that follows isn't a commitment, promise, or legal obligation. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described here are subject to change at the discretion of Pendo, which can occur without notice. If you're interested in getting early access and providing feedback, sign up to the beta waitlist.

When you receive feedback from a customer, you can add this feedback to Pendo Discover. You can then use this feedback to make data-driven decisions about product development.

This article describes how to add customer feedback through Pendo, what to include in the feedback form, and how to link customer feedback to ideas. If you want to add feedback to Discover programmatically, see our Discover API documentation.

Best practices

When adding a description, focus on what the customer is trying to achieve or the problem they’re experiencing, rather than the solution. Include any context necessary for understanding, including use cases or examples, and what customers currently do.

Assign a Product Area and add labels to a feedback item to help you organize feedback and take action. For more information, see Grouping with Product Areas and labels in Discover.

Submit a feedback form

Pendo users can add individual feedback on behalf of customers by submitting a feedback form in Discover. There are two ways to access the feedback form:

  • Directly from the Discover menu in the left-side navigation. Select + Submit feedback.
  • From the Feedback views page. Open Discover from the left-side menu, select Feedback, and then select Submit feedback from the top-right corner of the page.

Note: It's possible to share the feedback form without showing the recipient the rest of Pendo. Send the following link: You must still be a Pendo user to access the form.

After you've opened the feedback form:

  1. Use the dropdown menus under Customer to find and select an account and visitor.
  2. Enter a title for the feedback.
  3. Optionally, describe what the customer is trying to achieve, such as a problem they're trying to solve or a goal they're trying to reach.
  4. Optionally, attach images and add a link.
  5. Add relevant labels. You can add a new label or select one that's already been created.
  6. Select an app that the feedback relates to.
  7. Select product area that the feedback relates to. You can use the wand icon next to the product area dropdown menu to see a suggested product area based on your title, description, and app.
  8. Select an importance level: must have or nice to have.
  9. If a relevant idea already exists, link the feedback to existing ideas. We suggest existing ideas based on the content of the form.

Feedback form in Discover.png

Once you’ve completed the form, select Submit feedback. You can then choose to either:

  • Complete another feedback form. Select + Add another.
  • View feedback, which takes you to feedback items list in the All Feedback page. For information about different feedback views, see View customer feedback.

Send guide poll responses to Discover

You can create a poll using Pendo Guides and then send any open-ended responses as feedback items in Discover. This allows you to bring your responses into a centralized location in Discover, along with the rest of the feedback you've captured. You can either:

  • Manually send individual responses to Discover from the guide itself.
  • Automatically send poll responses to Discover in bulk.

We recommend turning on Enable feedback summaries in your subscription settings. This enables Pendo to automatically create titles based on the response description for each feedback item created. For more information about this setting, see AI features in Discover.

Manually send poll responses

To manually send open-ended poll responses as feedback items to Discover:

  1. Navigate to Guides from the left-side menu.
  2. Find and open a guide that includes a poll. 
  3. Open the Poll Responses tab.
  4. In the table of responses, select Send to Feedback next to each open response in the Feedback item column.

This opens a panel on the right side of the screen with a feedback item automatically created based on the poll response. You can then edit this item as you can with any other feedback item. For guidance on editing feedback items, see View and edit feedback details.

Responses that are already sent to Feedback in Discover give you the option to Open that feedback in Discover instead of Send to Feedback.

Automatically send poll responses

Rather than sending individual responses from a poll in Guides to feedback in Discover, you can add a guide as a feedback source from Discover. This creates and sends feedback items based on all responses in a poll to Discover in bulk. For instructions, see Import guide poll responses in Connect feedback sources.

Turn on Enable feedback summaries to ensure that feedback items created in bulk from a poll are automatically named based on the text of the individual responses rather than all assigned the same title, which is taken from the guide's name.

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