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When you find valuable insights within a replay, you can create a clip to save that portion of the replay for later and share with others. The initial steps for saving and sharing a clip are the same.

  1. When watching a replay, select the Create clip icon in the bottom-right corner of the player.


  2. Adjust the Start time and End time to your preference.
  3. Choose whether you'd like to save or share the clip.

Save the clip

If you'd like to save the clip to review later, select Save clip.


Optionally, add a description, up to 280 characters, then select Save.

  • You can view and edit this description when you watch the clip from Replay > Saved Clips.
  • You can also view and search by this description in the Saved Clips table.
  • If you choose not to add a description, select Skip and save.

When you save a clip, a toast message appears in the top-right corner of the page where you can select View now to view the saved clip in Replay > Saved Clips or Copy link to to copy the URL to your device's clipboard.

You can find saved clips in the Saved Clips tab of the Replay Library page, which shows all replays that you've clipped.


Clips that other Pendo users in your subscription have saved don't appear here. All clips are saved for one year by default, unless manually deleted before then.

Share the clip

If you'd like to share the clip with someone else without saving, select Copy link. This action copies the clip's link to your device's clipboard so that you can paste it in your desired platform.


When the recipient opens the link, it directs them to the full replay, with the clip highlighted on the player timeline, and playback starts at the clip's specified start time.

If you copy the link of a saved clip from Replay > Saved Clips, this instead directs the recipient to the saved clip, rather than the full replay. The clip isn't saved for one year unless you save it as your own clip.

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