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This article details how to verify that your installation with the codeless solution is working. Follow the steps detailed here to ensure that Pendo is collecting data and you can connect your mobile device to the Pendo application.

Visit Pendo Academy for a video on verifying your mobile app installation.


  • Pendo SDK is installed.
  • Your app’s mobile framework is supported by Pendo for our codeless solution.
  • Access to Subscription settings.

How it works

To begin the verification process, scan a QR code on a device with your app installed and Pendo will guide you through the verification process. This can be either within a simulator, or with your own device. Pendo must also be installed on the version of the app you are using.

The verification checks pairing, click analytics and identified visitors. This is important to ensure accurate tracking of Page views, Feature clicks, and visitor identification. A successful verification confirms readiness and provides assurance that you can start using Pendo.

Step 1: Verify installation

Together with the developer that installed the SDK, you must verify the installation.

To do this:

  1. In the left-side navigation, go to Settings > Subscription settings.
  2. In the Applications tab, select your app.
  3. In the Install Settings tab, under Verify Your Installation, select Start Verification.
  4. Connect a device as detailed in Connect a mobile device.
  5. Click through your mobile app to generate events and confirm that you see four green check marks in the Verifying Installation window. 

  6. After you receive all four green check marks, tag one Page by launching Visual Design Studio and selecting the mobile app you are testing to validate that you can tag Features and are seeing the expected number of clicks or views for the Page and Features.

If you aren't able to connect to Pendo:

  • Verify that your scheme ID in Pendo matches the one in your code. You'll need to coordinate with your developer on this step.
  • Make sure that Step 3 Configure Pairing Mode for tagging and testing has been implemented in your installation from the installation instructions.

To confirm if data is coming into your application, you can check the Raw Events tab within your application settings.

  1. Begin testing by clicking around on your mobile application.
  2. Once you’ve done this, select Reload in the Raw Events tab. It's expected to see events from the application that has Pendo installed. If you don't see data in the Raw Events tab, refer to steps 1 and 2 in the installation from Github.

Note: If you're adding mobile to an existing subscription, you might need to select Start Recording and Reload to pull in the information from the device you're installing Pendo on. Click through your mobile application to generate events.

Step 2: Tag Pages and Features to verify data tracking

Work with an engineer to tag a few Pages and Features to make sure Pendo can track the data.

  • Identify the implementation location of startSession(). You might not have accessed the part of the app where startSession() is implemented.
  • Check for custom elements. If you have custom elements in your application, verify that your build includes elements supported by Pendo. Custom elements might require an additional API call for Feature click capture.
  • Check that Pendo can read your Features or Pages. Use the Debugging tool to see if Pendo is tracking each Page you view, or specific Feature clicks you make. If not, you might need to go back and review your installation or ask your engineer if you have non-standard elements.

If you're still having trouble with integration, contact Pendo Support.

Troubleshooting installation

If you're experiencing any of the issues listed below, check that the scheme-ID has been correctly installed into your application:

  • Can’t pair the device
  • Can’t see the pairing button; Pendo chevron or camera icon
  • Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid
  • This website is repeatedly trying to open another application
  • android:exported="true"
  • {"errorId":"not found"}

For more information about problems with pairing a device, see Unable to pair a mobile device.

You can also try the following:

  1. Close and reopen the application.
  2. Clear your device browser cache.
  3. Refresh the page in Pendo and try pairing your device with Pendo again.


I can't tag all the Features in my app

You must verify that your installation includes elements that Pendo supports. Custom elements might require an additional API call to capture Features clicks. Each framework, such as SwiftUI, has its own limitations. Review the installation documentation in Pendo's Github site to verify limitations for each framework.


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