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You will need to connect Pendo to a mobile device in the following scenarios:

  1. To verify Pendo’s installation.
  2. Tag mobile Pages and Features.
  3. Test guides on a mobile device before publishing them.

How do I connect?

A device can be connected by selecting Connect a new device either when:

  • Tagging Mobile Pages or creating a mobile guide, either for guide preview or when selecting the guide's activation.
  • Verifying installation to validate Pendo is integrated correctly.

There are two options to connect a new device:

  1. Scan the QR code. Scanning the QR code can usually be done with the device's camera or with a dedicated QR scanner application on your device.
  2. Copy/paste a URL into your device browser. If you’re using a dedicated testing device or a simulator, you can copy the URL into a browser to connect the device.



What happens when I’m connected?

Once connected, a small Pendo icon appears hovering over your app indicating that it's in tagging mode. If needed, you can move the camera icon around by dragging and dropping it.

While your device is connected to Pendo, you can view the step design and test the full guide with the selected activation method to see guides before they are published, regardless of the guide’s segment or throttling. You can also capture pages to tag Pages and Features.

Once connected, your device stays connected to Pendo until you disconnect it. If you close and open the app on your device, it immediately re-connects.

How do I disconnect?

To disconnect from Pendo, click the Pendo pink icon and select Exit Pairing Mode. You must re-scan the QR code on your device the next time you want to connect your device.


I scanned the QR Code and nothing happened

If the application does not launch after scanning the QR code, check with the application developer to ensure that the URL scheme is correct. Alternatively, check with your network admin that WebSockets are not blocked.

If the application launched, but you don’t see the Pendo pink icon, verify with the application developer that the application version, which is installed on your device, has the Pendo SDK integrated.

Safari triggered an error message

The error message states that Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.

Possible causes of this are:

  • Scheme ID has not been added or is incorrect
  • DNS is restricting the site, and it must be added to the whitelist
  • SDK is not installed correctly




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