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If you have access to organization settings, granted by Pendo, and are an Org Admin user in Pendo, you can view MAU metrics from the MAU tab in Settings > Organization Settings. Here, you can:

  • Monitor your current monthly active users (MAU) value over the past 30 days.
  • View a chart of MAU, which you can filter by date range and subscription.
  • See and download a breakdown of MAU in table format.

For information about organization settings, see Organization settings overview. For information about MAU and how it's calculated, see Monthly active users (MAU).

Current monthly active users (MAU)

Your current MAU calculation at the top of the MAU page starts from yesterday and goes back 30 days. We start from yesterday because today is incomplete.



Use the dropdown menus below Current monthly active users (MAU) to filter the MAU overview and MAU breakdown by a specific date range and subscription. The default for the subscription filter is All Subscriptions, even if you only have one subscription.


MAU overview

The MAU overview chart shows your MAU value over time according to the filters you choose, including your average MAU and highest MAU counts. You can also use the menu next to MAU overview to change the granularity of the chart: daily or monthly.

OrgSettings_MAU overview.png

If you select a specific subscription in the filters, the chart includes a line for each app in your subscription as well as a line for the total MAU for the subscription. Hover over a line at a particular point in time (x-axis) in the chart to see:

  • The MAU value for that day.
  • A breakdown of MAU by anonymous and identified visitors.


MAU breakdown

The table below the MAU overview chart provides the MAU value (Total MAU column) for each date within your selected filters. The final two columns breakdown the Total MAU by identified visitors (Identified MAU) and anonymous visitors (Anonymous MAU).

MAU breakdown.png

Select the plus icon to the far left of a row to see the subscriptions or applications included in the counts for that row:

  • When All Subscriptions is selected in the filters, the row expands to show the MAU values for each subscription.
  • When a specific subscription is selected, the row expands to show MAU values for each application within a subscription as well as the subscription's total. 



Select the Download CSV icon in the top-right corner of the MAU breakdown to download a CSV file of the table's contents.

MAU breakdown download.png



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