Localize your guides using AI

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You can leverage AI to simplify the localization of your guides into any of the languages that are supported in your app. This reduces the need for localization teams to manually update XLIFF files to languages required for localization of your guides.


The setting to allow AI to generate translations using Google’s machine learning translation services is set at subscription level.

  1. From the left-side menu, select Settings > Subscription settings.
  2. Navigate to the AI Features section, then select the checkbox next to Enable AI localization

    Note: This feature is available for users in US and US1 servers only.

You can opt out of using this AI feature at any time by turning the setting off.

Localize your guides

To localize your guides:

  1. In the left-side nav, go to Guides > Guides.
  2. In the Guides list, select a guide.
  3. In the guide's Settings page, in the Localization tile, select Edit. A list of languages supported in your app displays.

    Note: Localization must be enabled in your subscription to see the Localization tile. For more information, see Set up localization settings in Localization.

  4. Select Translate next to the language you want the guide translated into. The Edit translation window opens showing the guide text in the authored language and the translated text. An icon on each text block indicates which building block is being used for the text shown. If the guide has multiple steps, there is an indication of which steps are missing translation.


    Note: If you don’t have AI Localization enabled, you can manually add translated text to the guide in the Edit translation window. You can also import a XLIFF file.

  5. Review and edit the translated text as required. The translated text is not public yet. This only happens after you review and edit the text, and then save it.
  6. Select Save translation. If the guide is Public, then the guide is published in the new language. If the guide is in Draft status, then the translation is only published when the guide is moved to Public. The guide is also listed in the Translated section in the Localization tile.

Edit the translated text

You can edit the translated text, clear the text, or import an XLIFF file. In the Localization tile, select Edit and then select the language. The Edit translation window opens showing the translated text in each text block. There are indications of where there are missing translations or if the translation is out of sync because somebody made a change to the original authored language in the guide. The guide preview in the Edit translation window shows the changes as you make them so you can verify styling issues, such as text wrapping.

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