Manage guides and layouts using categories

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Pendo provides pre-defined categories to help you manage and organize your guide portfolio. Apply categories to your guides to see what goal the guide is trying to achieve. Goals for the guides may include education, such as onboarding or new releases, general notifications, or research. You can detect areas where you're using Pendo extensively and monitor the number of guides versus areas where you're still not using Pendo Guides to achieve a business goal.

Organize your guides list

Organize your guides list in the Overview tab to avoid complicated naming conventions by grouping guides into their respective category. Guide categories are like folders, where similar guides with the same goals can be grouped for easy management:

  • Any search you perform in the Guides list also searches categories.
  • You can filter and sort your guides by the relevant category. Add the Guide Category column to understand the goal of each of your guides. For information on how to add a column, see Guides Overview List.
  • Use the Group By Guide Category filter to see your complete guide list sorted into categories.
  • Use the Guides count in each category and other filters to understand, for example, how many published guides you have in each category.
  • Use the arrow to show or hide the guides in each category.

Assign categories to layouts

You can assign categories to a layout that'll be used to create a guide when you save it in the designer. See Guide layouts for more information.

Once you select a category, you see recommended layouts from the default Pendo layouts or from your saved layouts. 



Assign a category to existing guides

To assign a category to an existing guide, navigate to the Guides list:

  1. Select the checkbox of a single guide and then select Apply Guide Category.


  2. Select a category from the dropdown list and select Save Changes.
  3. To apply a category to multiple guides in the Guides list, use the multi-select checkboxes to select the guides and then apply a category to them.

Prioritize your guides by category

Use the Guide Categories filter in the Ordering page to prioritize groups of guides and deprioritize the less important guides. For more information on prioritizing your guides, see Ordering Page.

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